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Contents of an Inspection

Electric: We check the size of the incoming service cable,for presence of proper grounding, the condition of visible wiring, inspect for GFCI outlets, examine electrical panel components, fuses and breakers, test random outlets throughout the buildin.

Chimney: We examine the brick work and roof flashing, interior fireplace and damper.

Doors, Windows & Exterior: We inspect caulking and condition of other sealants such as protective paints, stains and weather stripping and operation of locking mechanisms, ropes pulleys, and all types of sash balance.

Plumbing: We report visible leaks, condition of water heater, observe supply lines and shutoff valves, check for proper venting, inspect hose bibs, check traps for leaks and corrosion, water meters and ground.

Roof: Check for previous repairs, report signs of wear, inspect condition of flashings, valleys, skylights and other roof penetrations, evaluate attic for proper ventilation, inspect overhangs.

Heating & Cooling: Report overall condition of visible ductwork from furnace, observe condition of venting, inspect burner, operate thermostat, report type of fuel supply, inspect heat pump/air conditioner. Inspect boilers, circulator pumps and piping.

Foundation/Structure: Observe visible framing of beams, support columns and structural condition; check foundation walls and floors, windows and bulkheads; check basement for moisture.

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